How to share large files with TransferEasy?

Select your files to send

Click on Start to select the files and documents to send or drag and drop them directly anywhere on our interface.

Fill-in our form

Send files via email to your contacts or get a customizable shareable link. Our tool provides the adapted features in keeping with your needs.

Validate to transfer and start upload!

When you have finished filling-in the file transfer form, click on Transfer to confirm your transfer information and start uploading your documents 🚀

Benefits of a TransferEasy Account With a TransferEasy account you can send and store even larger files!

Secure File Transfer via Email, or shareable links

Send and share files and other large documents thanks to our fast and secure file transfer solution. Send large files via email or simply create a share link from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) through any basic internet browser.

Send Large Files upto 100 GB per Transfer

Get a TransferEasy account to transfer large files and other sizable documents! The files are available up to 365 days before being automatically and permanently erased from our servers.

Track your sent Files. Manage your Transfers.

Use our complete dashboard to follow and track your file downloads over time. You can modify your transfers’ data and parameters, re-transfer files to new recipients without having to systematically re-upload the same documents and erase a transfer before it's initial expiration date.

Use TransferEasy to send Files for your Business

Take advantage of our multi-user service subscriptions to add or import your collaborators and additional users so that they too can get a TransferEasy account. Get an administrator account where you will have complete managing control over your users' access, white label customization, file reception and billing. You can also access the sending and receiving history of your business’ files.

Integrate the TransferEasy Widget on your Website & Receive Files Easily.

Discover our form generator to receive files directly on your account and customize the widget’s appearance as well as it's fields (text boxes, drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons). You can get a simple HTML code to integrate into your website allowing you to receive files instantaneously.

Customize your Account with White Label Customization

Create your personalized web subdomain (for example: add your logo and wallpaper to highlight your brand image and/or graphic identity. You can visually improve your account by adding your logo and color scheme for your transfer emails. Promote your firm’s vision by customizing your account when you send and receive files.

Key Features of TransferEasy

A Secure Solution

The Safety of your Data is our Priority

Transfer your files by email or generate a shareable link and add a password to block access to your transfers’ download page. In this case, concerning an email transfer, we do not communicate the password to your recipients and leave it to your discretion to forward it to your contacts.

Select the closest storage region for your files to get the best performances or pick the region of your choice in accordance with your contacts’ and users’ location. The files stored on our cloud are encrypted at rest with the AES-256 (Rijndael) algorithm.

In order to protect your users and you, we analyze the files at the end of each transfer before making them accessible for download, if there aren’t any infected files found.

Share your family, professional, and all other photos with your friends, your family or any other recipient. Send numerous photos in high definition. Transfer images and photos without any loss in quality for your recipients!

Today, video recording quality is improving daily and the size of video files is also increasing. We thus end up with files as large as several GBs. Luckily TransferEasy enables you to share videos of every size.

Once your files are uploaded and your transfer is available for download, your users can preview and stream the videos, audio or other files such as PDF documents. For example, it is very useful before downloading hefty videos.

Facilitate recurring file sending to the same contacts and recipients by adding or importing the contacts from your address book. In this way, you will save time by no longer having to systematically enter your contacts’ emails.

In addition to using your address book, you can create groups and contacts lists thus gaining in productivity for recurring transfers.